Thermal Inspection

Infrared tests can be used to monitor and document pre and post-building repair and building renovation conditions. Infrared inspection and infrared testing can also be used for building diagnostics, detection of water leakage behind exterior cladding systems such as stucco, brick, and stone. It shows the water problem – water leakage source and the location of water damage.

Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Surveys are noninvasive and nondestructive. Certified thermographers scan, test, and diagnose building problems and building conditions using the latest infrared cameras and diagnostic equipment.

Infrared is also a key identifier for moisture in building structures. Using Infrared technology, clients can assess a building’s hidden damage and sustainability before purchase or warranty expiration. Clients can save thousands of dollars in eventual repair costs by identifying the problems early on by conducting an Infrared Study. There has been a national call for energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. With the Green Initiative and President Obama’s stimulus package, Thermographic Inspections or Infrared (IR) inspections positively impact the environment and the building owner, whether Residential, Commercial, or Industrial.

Infrared scanning tests are performed to identify problems in building structures, which result in higher energy bills and consumption, such as inadequate or wet insulation. An infrared energy inspection locates the precise areas in need of repair. It provides the client with an infrared image of the deficiency in the building. Once repaired, the client reduces energy costs and their carbon footprint. Hence, Infrared is considered a diagnostics tool in the Green Initiative.

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