Your Trusted Inspection Company

Baltimore Home Specs, LLC is your trusted resource for home inspections in Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding areas.

As a certified home inspector, I understand that you can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to purchasing or selling a home. Fortunately, I’m here to make sure you save money on costly repairs.

I pride myself on offering the best value for clients’ money. I’m honest and always available to answer questions via email, phone, or toll-free number. I am passionate about home inspections and bring fine attention to detail to every inspection, taking the necessary time to complete a thorough evaluation. I find something different every single day, allowing me to bring excitement and professionalism to every inspection.

Baltimore Home Specs, LLC, does things a little differently by practicing a hard-to-find “partnered inspection” service that delivers the best in accuracy and detail for a home inspection.

The company provides two certified home inspectors for the same price that many home inspection companies charge for one. The inspectors work as a team to complete the most thorough inspection possible. This “partnered inspection” allows you to ask more questions and know more information about your home because you have the expertise of two inspectors. This unique service works perfectly for large square footage/ luxury properties.

My Full Range of Services

home inspection service workers baltimore md

Home Inspections

Eliminate surprises down the road and make informed decisions.

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commercial inspection service baltimore md

Rental Inspections

Discover repairs, maintenance, health, or safety issues that need to be addressed.

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radon testing service in baltimore md

Radon Testing

Know your home's exposure to radon and test the levels in your home.

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lead inspection service baltimore md

Lead Testing

Determine the presence of lead-based paint in a property before renting.

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mold removal service baltimore md

Mold Testing

Identify mold issues in your property and protect the health of your loved ones.

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air quality testing in baltimore md

Air Quality Testing

Monitor the air quality in your home and identify the presence of VOCs.

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The Inspection Service You Deserve

Ready to inspect your home? Baltimore Home Specs, LLC, brings extensive expertise and skills to complete a thorough inspection and spare you from issues down the road. I’m available seven days a week, in the morning, afternoon, or evening. What’s more, the inspection services are affordable and offer special savings for clients! Call (443) 250-2095 to learn more.