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Does your house have dangerous lead-based paint on the walls? If your Maryland property was built before 1978, there might be lead-based paint inside and out. This paint represents a severe risk of lead poisoning. Until 1978, when federal regulations prohibited lead in household paint, lead was a typical component in exterior and interior paints.

A lead paint inspection can determine the presence of lead-based paint in a property and where it is located. Employing lead testing services is particularly important before purchasing, renting, or renovating a home. This way, you can identify lead exposure before it’s too late. Baltimore Home Specs, LLC offers a professional lead risk assessment in Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding areas that can help you know a home’s exposure to lead.

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In Maryland, if you have a property built before 1978, you’re required to have a lead certificate to rent. When I visit your property, I analyze all painted surfaces inside and outside. From there, I collect lead samples and send them to a laboratory recognized by the EPA’s National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program. After the lead test, if there is no lead evidence, you receive a Lead safe certificate.

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You can request a combined inspection and lead risk assessment. Even though lead testing services are mainly requested for rental properties in Baltimore, MD, every property owner is free to request it. Work with me to have proof of certification and rent your property with confidence!

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